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Breeders Of Collies

Garlind Ridge Collies in Wisconsin -- BLANCHARDVILLE


Our collies live in our home with us, not in an out building. We have a large room specifically for the collies that is 18 x 26 feet with tile floor, air conditioning, heat, and beds for our collies. This room joins our fenced in collie yard (an acre in size) where our collies can go play, exercise, and have fun. They love chasing each other and carrying around balls and ropes. The Garlind Ridge collies are fed original and grain free American Natural Premium dog food along with NuVet vitamins. Our puppies are born and kept in our home, not in an out building. They get lots of love and attention from birth. Our collies and puppies love our 11 grandchildren. "


Breeders Of Collies

Goodwin Collies -- wilmington

wilmington, IL.


Breeders Of Collies

Chelsea -- Valley Center

Valley Center, CA . 92082


Breeders Of Collies

Ceilidh Collies --

, TN.



Breeders Of Collies

MilesCollies -- Hopkinton

Hopkinton, IA.

At MilesCollies we breed for Health, Temperament & Beauty.........Our puppies through parentage are Non Carriers for CEA, PRA, CN, DM, Hyperuricosuria, VWD I & II. MDR1 test will be done on each puppy. Puppies will test +/+ or+/-, Parents have been Extensively DNA and OFA Tested for Hips, Elbows, Thyroid, Dentition.........We want your next companion to live a long healthy life, That is why we do extensive DNA & OFA testing. We also want the Amazing Temperament like Colby has. Check out the video of him getting "mauled" by his puppies. Health and Temperament are our main goal, and it also doesn't hurt to have a Great looking Collie by your side.


Breeders Of Collies

Impromptu -- Hollis

Hollis, NH.


Breeders Of Collies

Shamrock M Ranch --

, WA.

We do Puppy Visits when puppies are 8 weeks of age. When you come to visit our ranch you can be expect to be greeted by at happy collie girls who will herd your vehicle up our long driveway. Exiting your vehicle you can look forward to collie kisses and lots of love. Our dogs especially love the children that come with you. Collies absolutely ADORE children! I can't imagine having better family pets to run the ranch!


Breeders Of Collies

Southland -- Petersburg

Petersburg, TN.


Breeders Of Collies

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